How to Sing Like a Boss

  Hey guys its Austin, Today we shall be discussing on 3 ways you can build your confidence when singing.
  Have you ever grabbed the microphone on stage to sing and suddenly realize that you can’t remember the first line of the song you just rehearsed some minutes ago? Yes I have been there, and trust me it’s wasn’t a pleasant experience, I mean, talk of the shame, disappointment and laughing (I hate that part) you are bound to face later. I bet you, the reason for this unpleasant experience is because you Lack Confidence In your Singing abilities. Oxford dictionary defines confidence as Faith, Certainty or trust. The belief that you are able to do things (Singing) well. When you don’t trust yourself or belief in yourself because the guy or lady that just left the stage pulled out some stunts or sang in a whistle voice register or did a very interesting riffs and run, you get caught up in your in your head on how to do similar stuffs or do something better than him or her, that you forget the line of your song? Dude, that ain’t cool bro!!
It doesn’t matter if you are a Gospel or Secular singer, these tips will help you: -
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         Rehearse and get a plan: - Just like any other art singing requires rehearsal and plan because you cannot sing or perform without them. Get to know the song at your fingertips and plan on things to do before, when and after singing. Are you going to scale or not, sing vibrato or not? Get your performance planned out, so that if that guy we spoke about earlier  does his whistle voice, look at him as if to say “Bro, Look out for my Riffs”.
           .  Cheer the crowd: - Trust me; you want to do this because it raises your confident level to another level (If that makes sense though). It is not as difficult as it looks, all you have to do is to ask them to say hello to the person sitting or standing next to them or you can tell them to give 3 persons a high five. This gives you the confidence you need, because it makes you realize that you are in charge of the situation, and it makes your audience perceive you as a confident person.
               Singing not competing: - Realize that singing is not competing. The truth is, everybody has their own unique voice and character, you cannot do what the other does or how he does it. Develop yourself and let the world perceive your character. The earlier you realize that singing is not a competition the better and faster you grow in singing and building your confidence in the same.
We can do whatever we want to do when singing, all you need is to believe in yourself, Grab the Microphone and Sing!

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 Just Sing!!!....