Things that will kill you as a singer.

      Singing is fun. As a singer, you should be able to attain a certain amount of discipline. There are habits a singer should avoid in order to protect his or her vocal chord (Voice), or they will kill you as a singer.

1. Excessive and Unnecessary talking: You can obviously answer questions, but keep the talking to only necessary statements and questions. Explain to your close ones why you’re doing this and they’ll respect you. Try texting it out if you have a lot to say, but let your voice rest.
2. Avoid shouting, and avoid whispering: Many people don’t know this but whispering is almost as detrimental to compromised vocal folds as shouting because it forces air over the folds.  You should even avoid coughing or clearing your throat if possible, as these actions send the folds into trauma mode.

austinsvoca.blogspot.com5. Drinking Alcohol Alcohol dehydrates the vocal folds, which may cause calluses to your vocal 
chords when singing. If you are in a senerio where you must take alcohol, then drink two glasses of lukewarm water after a glass of alcohol.
4. Cold drinks: They enlarge the vessels from your head to your vocal chords. lukewarm temperature is preferable.
5. Candies and Chocolates: Sorry for the lovers of Candies and Chocolate. They contain a lot of sugar and fat that can cause excess mucous to your vocal folds. They will ruin your singing.
6. Smoking or Inhaling of smoke: Cigarette smoke contains toxic chemicals that affects the delicate tissue of the vocal folds. Inhaling smoke is as bad as smoking.

Avoid all these things and you will live long in singing.