Singing In Your M-Period
                                               Singing In Your M-Period
   "I cannot do the things i normally do when singing whenever  I am on my period", I over heard a girl complaining to her friend. Some girls who sing with ease tend to start struggling with hoarseness, fatigue or pitch whenever the monthly visitor comes.
   Girls will testify that this period is a time of change.  A friend of mine said, "It's painful, whoever achieves anything good in pain? For many it is a time of discomfort, cramps, head aches, tiredness, e.t.c.
   Besides the effect your menstrual period can have on you body and emotion, it also has a great impact in the quality of your singing voice because, your voice is your body too. Unlike other organs of the body, the voice organ is the only one that is affected by its internal and external environment.
   In your M-period, fluids of normal hormones fluctuates and remains in the tissues. This fluid retention makes the vocal cords swell and thicken, and can change the mass of the your vocal cord's tissue, weigh down your cords and impede their comfortable and efficient vibration. This can lead to :- Reduced range.
2. Reduces flexibility.
3. Hoarseness.
4. Less vocal coordination. 
5. Fatigue.
6. Uncertainty of pitch.
If you can avoid performing or singing full out for long periods of time when it’s that time of the month, I advise that. But if you can’t? 
1. Be aware that it is that time of the month and proceed accordingly.
2. Get creative, be open, curious and playful!
3. Rest A lot. 
4.  Take things easy, It will soon pass.

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