How Do We Sing?
     One of the numerous questions burning inside many singers is HOW DO I SING? So I have decided to write on the topic.
    A lot of singers sing without the knowledge of how the sound coming out from their mouth is produced. Many sing with no idea that there are things that could damage their voice and kill them as singers.
   Now let us cut to the chase. If you have been following the topics on this blog, you must have come across the word "VOCAL CORD". Now, what is the Vocal Cord? It is a twin enfolding of moccous membrane stretched horizontally, from back to front, across the larynx. It vibrates to modulate flow of air being released from the lungs during talking or singing. These cords produce sound through rapid vibration with the passage of air between the set of cords.
The Vibration of the Vocal Cord
    When the air passes through the cords, forcing them apart, the cords immediately close back, creating multiple vibrations at a certain frequency, and this creates what our human ear perceives as the sound of our voice. The Vocal  cord is located in our larynx which is commonly known as the ' Adam Apple' that is above the Trachea.
    This is basically how we sing.

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